Dunham Massey Angling Club



Residentsof Heatley Mere Estate can now join our club for a nominal fee of £10 per year. This non-fishing membership allows access onto land used by the club.Please note that this non-fishing membership is not available to non-residents.

We are asking that residents with non-fishing membership comply with anumber of rules.

1.Please have your membership pass with you at all times when on land used by the club. Photo’s of the member, as well as their spouse,partner and children where relevant, should be on the pass. With out a pass you will be asked to leave.

2.Please do not give the gate codes to any other person. If anybody is found on land used by the club without a pass then they will be asked to leave. The club will then have to assume that the code has been given out without authorisation and the code will need to be changed.

3.The club cannot allow dogs to be on fishing club land. We understand how upsetting this may be for those with dogs but we have found from experience that dogs and fishermen don’t mix… for the sake of both the dogs and the fishermen!

4.We are asking as a condition of non-fishing membership that non-fishing members take part in two conservation work parties a year to help to maintain the land. These take place mainly from November to March and usually on a Saturday or a Sunday morning. If for any reason anyone who wishes to become a non-fishing member but feels that they are physically unable to take part in these conservation work parties, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

5.If you are feeding the ducks, please do so away from the anglers.

6.Please, for everyone’s sake, do not drop litter at any time.

The anglers will respect your presence on the mere whether you are feeding ducks or just walking round. In return please respect the anglers’ space and activity at all times.

Please note that all the club’s bailiffs have the right to ask anyone to leave their land for infringement of any of the above rules.

While we look forward to welcoming non-fishing members, we also reserve the right to revoke membership.

If you are happy to comply with the above rules please…         click here